Why Upwork account is suspended and Steps for avoiding suspension

We blindly understand that freelancing means an Upwork account and one PC/ laptop. Therefore, we have already opened the account and start freelancing activity in a disorganized way or haphazardly. Someday we swim in this sea. At last, it did not get the sea border die sinking. To arrive at any ocean swimming, regular swimming can’t achieve this target; whether you’re a great swimmer, you must be drowned in the sea. In this situation here a large ship is essential which can be cut away some high foot sea waves. The medium or large hit will not be any harm to the vessel. You can say easily why ship word came in the freelancing? Hey, brother, here ship means just your skill. Your skills will be as big as the sea would be easier to go. So if you have not enough expertise or knowledge about freelancing, then you have to die sinking, which means your expected account may be suspended at any time.

Our first mistake is when we open the account, and then we do not read the details constitution of Upwork thoroughly. www.upwork.com/legal, this page has a detailed description of all laws, rules regulation of the Upwork. This page has some subpages. Where for which reasons our Upwork account will be suspended their given details. If we follow those rules, then I do not think that anyone’s account will be suspended.

Why Upwork account is suspended and Steps for avoiding suspension

Whatever, I want to say something through my words so that you can understand these topics clearly and better way. In this way all causes to write one by one, it’s impossible and time-consuming. So, summarizing the key points grabbed. Also, there is a lot of pages you can easily collect vast information from that legal page.

Why is the Upwork account suspended?

  • If your profile has contact details about your information such as phone, email, Skype, etc. is added anywhere. Or if you add your contact details to the cover letter.
  • If anything is presented repeatedly or other profile information to share on your profile.
    Repeated means the same thing is applied again and again. This implies that if you practice the same cover letter once more and once more.
  • If you create trouble with the client or show dishonest with your work and capture/steal the money from the client.
  • If you open more than one ID in the same electric device.
  • When an account is opened with the wrong information.
  • Take payment on the outside, or the client will give payment you on the outside of these types of discussion in the Upwork message are shown, which is a big negative issue for suspension.
  • If spamming. That means if you permit the random job to apply, which does not bother your category, then suspension problems will be created.

How to avoid the suspension troublesome factor?

  • You will never add your contact details to your profile, even in your cover letter. If the clients give a response to you for his hire purpose, that means if your application has remained on active candidacy in that case, only you can provide your contact details to that client.
  • Never copy someone else’s information or data and will not add to your profile. Never copy any cover letter and will not paste it directly in any job or occupation. Each cover letter must have unique characteristics that mean it should have its own identity. How to write the cover letter or what is the actual writing style of the top note is applied thoroughly in so many articles that are situated on this website. And I have already given before, some cover letter writing tips. That will see or check it carefully.
  • No matter how bad your client, but never use your bad behave with them. Be honest and soft attitude at all times. It’s your huge loss when a client complaint about you by the angry mood in the Upwork field. Upwork does not hear your opinion. Here the client is the executive, and you are the little employee. So while the client will be hot at that moment, you must deliver a relaxed attitude.
  • Only one account will be open on the same electronic device (PC/laptop/ mobile). If you want to open or maintain three persons account in the same family, in that case, you must have to use that three devices and the person who uses one method other people cannot open their ID to that same device, it means a separate person must have used different devices for open their ID. Many people can say I have two accounts on the same computer which I have been maintained for three years ago. Still, I did not confront any trouble. Brother, Upwork have not sufficient time so that he can check individual ID by his own hand because it’s very time-consuming. But when your time comes then, you will lose your two ID today or tomorrow.
  • There are a lot of people who acquire the facility have opened an account with false and misleading information. Tell S.S.C or H.S.C students whose age has not yet 18 years. Many people use the wrong date of birth; again, lots of people have opened the account with their father and mother’s name. To verify the process easily, among others, the public delivers a fake location. During the verification of ID and video, this fake thing always caught or traced out, and then the ID is suspended. Never wrong information cannot be given. If you need to wait until the age of eighteen years and this is the perfect time to learn something new. There is no such type of commitment that must have to earn now. There’s a great deal of time to make or earn money.
  • Many people discuss the direct payment with the client in the outside through the Upwork message, which is a severe issue. Don’t practice this never. If your client is faithful, then discuss this topic out of the Upwork marketplace, say email, phone, or Skype. Leave and end the Upwork contract technically. So that Upwork can’t realize this topic.
  • Many available freelancers exist in this field who think that if they apply for more & more jobs, they can get their work very early. I don’t know how true this idea. But if you apply for your job indiscriminately or haphazard way and do not get any role in this marketplace, then Upwork, think you are a disqualified candidate, and for cleaning their market will be suspended your account. So you should apply your job based on your category selected and carefully.

Nowadays the most account is suspended because of the excess bid. This reason was not before. But now I explained this is happening by an example. Since the mango season is coming so, I make clear with mango.

You went to the market from there. You brought 2 kilograms mango. You came to the home and saw a portion of one mango is light rotten. What will you do? A hard part will be cut off, and the rest part will be eaten. What if it is not real?

But if you have a large mango garden. Where hundreds or centuries of mango is produced. And some of the mango if you pick and eat from the tree. If you see or notice one side of mango is rotten or insect (affected by an insect), I know after a throwaway the curved portion, you do not eat the rest of the fresh piece. You will throw the whole mango.

Just as there is a lack of freelancers in the Upwork field, therefore even if a glitch of fault Upwork account is suspended. Because Upwork does not bother it; instead, it’s helping to clear the market.

So learn and gather knowledge about the Upwork rules & regulations before start the work. What has been asked to, what cannot be? If people know clearly about these guidelines and if they work that proper way, I don’t think anyone’s account will not be suspended. For today I want to leave now, but next time I will present new exciting topics.

Alim Tasnim

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