Importance of Internet Marketing for Your Business

If you have never searched for a product or service online and consider internet marketing or online marketing as a waste of money, then I have some news for you. In 2014 a comprehensive research data showed that among all the consumers, 89% of consumers look for information on-Product, business, or professionals in search engines. Not only that, but research by Ipsos and Google also revealed that 88% of smartphone users and 84% tablet users search online to know about local goods and services. With the increasing use of the Internet in finding the right product/service, the need for internet marketing has also increased.

A changing approach from inbound marketing to internet marketing for business

Even three to five years back, people used to think-Internet marketing for small and medium business is a luxury. But in today’s context, internet marketing is a must-have feature for all sizes of business. Email marketing, viral marketing, mobile marketing all these terms are now included in a regular marketing guide’s glossary. Popular marketing techniques like -Printing flyer and distributing has become obsolete.

TV advertisement still influences a significant portion of consumers, but it is much more expensive than internet marketing techniques like social media marketing, email marketing, etc. Moreover, Tv and newspaper campaign is more suitable for corporate on medium enterprises.

TV advertisement still influences a significant portion of consumers, but it is much more expensive than internet marketing techniques like social media marketing, email marketing, etc. Moreover, Tv and newspaper campaign is more suitable for corporate on medium enterprises.

Today’s consumer uses the Internet not only for information also for giving feedback on a product or service. These reviews serve as a secure and reliable tool of evaluation to other internet users who are prospective consumers. Internet marketing has become essential, even for small and medium businesses.

Techniques of Internet Marketing

While making a business plan for Internet marketing, it is essential to know the basics of the various types of online marketing tools. Internet marketing covers such a significant area of marketing techniques that each segment may need an independent business plan and coherent coordination among them. Here I am targeting a few which are applicable and can be quite useful for any size of business.

1. Content Marketing for small and medium business

Content marketing is a broad term; it involves many steps. But if it is appropriately used, then the return on investment becomes very high. Here target group is first made aware of the need for the business’s product (indirectly, without mentioning the name). They are motivated to find a solution and buy the product/service.

Content marketing can take many forms like-Video, photo, info-graphic, white paper, case study, blog, or website. These media primarily communicate with customers/readers/viewers and don’t try to sell things to them directly. Instead, the target group gets involved and becomes a loyal customer even before they or the business knows. It can also gear up an effect on other efforts of internet marketing like social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, etc.

2. Social Media marketing for small and medium business

Social media marketing is- attracting consumers to products/services through proper use of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram any many more. By social media marketing, businesses try to engage an audience, attract and drive them to a business’s fan page or webpage/blog. Any kind of content that a company creates if shared via such social media than fans/followers get notifications and keeps the company in mind. Thus it promotes the other content marketing effort.

3. Affiliate Marketing Resources for small and medium business

It is a program where the advertiser recruits a webmaster to place a business banner ad, website link, or a logo button on their website. Webmaster receives a referral fee if a user clicks the affiliate link and visit the site to make a purchase. Affiliate programs can be of many types, and I am mentioning only a few here-

  • Pay per click affiliate program -Where advertiser gets a commission for every click on the advertisement.
  • Pay per lead affiliate program -get paid when a user, advertiser provides links to download, trial offers etc.
  • Pay per sale affiliate program -when advertiser gets to be paid for a sale (usually highest paid programming).
  • Email list affiliate-advertiser promotes newsletter and gets paid When someone join for an advertised opt in email list.

4. Email marketing for small and medium business

Email marketing is the attempt to attain a new customer or to retain old customers by sending them emails. Due to the emergence of social media marketing (which is considered most compelling and cheap), some may think email marketing to be dead. Still, tweet and Facebook release never guarantee that followers will see the business’s post. On the other hand, Email marketing ensures every single email business send must hit the consumer’s mailbox and force his notice.

5. SEO for small and medium business

Search engine optimization is a hot topic in Internet marketing for business. It is the combination of initiatives that make a business webpage appear on the first page of the search engine. When someone searches in Google, he views two types of the result-

  • Sponsored (advertisement) that usually appears on top right side of the page.
  • And Not sponsored (not advertisement) usually appear in middle after the advertisement section.

Businesses can use both these types of SEO / Search engine optimization for advertising their goods/service/web pages. Where PPC/Pay Per Click takes only money (business pay Google to put on their add via giving them a commission for each click on that ad). SEO/ Search engine optimization takes a long time 3- 6 month and a set of process that makes the desired webpage visible on Google’s first page.

When you do a Google search, you see results based on both PPC and SEO. One can find ads and sponsored sites at the top of the search results page and on the right side of the page. Businesses will pay money to Google for each ad that gets clicked on; This practice is called Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

The need for marketing is no longer a secret. According to a world-famous marketing researcher-84%, people say that the main difference between today’s small and medium business with five years back is that today they use more marketing tools.

The Internet has replaced many old forms of marketing. Today, if someone wants to dine out, he goes to Facebook review pages or searches on Google map. People no longer search for yellow pages or directory. Irrespective of the size, today, every business needs to know and implement the different forms of internet marketing strategies. They need more than one or all the kinds of internet marketing based on their product type. For internet marketing-More the merrier suits.

Alim Tasnim

Founder of Advance IT center, established in 2013. Developed and executed interactive marketing strategies for about 200+ clients that enriched search engine performance, attracted users to websites, and drove growth, resulting in annual traffic increases of an average of 40% year over year. Analyzed data to identify trends, generate reports, and adjust campaigns as necessary to produce the most optimal ROI. More than 1000+ website evaluations and marketing proposals Prepared attracted new business, resulting in an increased annual budget of 54%. Also, Collaborated with internal teams to enhance design, usability, content, and conversion points of websites and web properties. Manages social media campaigns and day-to-day activities, including scheduling regular updates, engaging in dialogue, and answering questions when necessary. Remained current with industry trends to uncover new opportunities for clients’ websites.