How to Successfully Hire and Manage Best Freelancers

Hiring freelancers effectively result in the success of your business. As you depend on the people from virtual space, I guess you are looking for hiring the best freelancers around the freelance marketplaces to make your business a success. Your web-based business runs well when you are in a position to get things done as fast as your buyer needs them to be done. Your buyers also want the best possible service from you regarding cost-effectiveness and flexibility. Some proper steps should be carefully followed to hire a freelancer efficiently, and if you have some experience, it will be undoubtedly helpful in this regard to find the best one from the crowds, no matter whether you are going to hire a designer or a developer.

Fortunately, most of the freelance marketplaces including provide various options and methods to select the best freelancer from the bidder list. For instance: rating system, feedback, work history and passed exam icons and so on.

So, here are some factors one should consider while s/he is on the way to efficiently hire freelancers from Freelancer.Com:-

Post A Project on Freelancer.Com: Effective hiring requires to choose the best marketplace available in the virtual is the most recommended marketplace for you as the hiring process is super more comfortable here and the flexibility to evaluate the bidders and freelancers is incredible on which you will never find anywhere else. While posting your project, please give a title to your project first. Mention all of the catchy and bold requirements of your project in the title and select a suitable category that represents your plan most efficiently. Choose the skills you are looking for and add your job requirements in detail. If you have any sample of any other similar task, then add those files to your project. On Freelancer.Com, you have the option to set either a Fixed Price rate or Hourly Rate for your project. Don’t add anything that causes misunderstanding among the bidders. Write your Job Requirements in detail and use plain language so that the bidders can easily understand the whole text.

Check out the Overall Qualification: After you publish your projects on Freelancer.Com, within an hour you will find lots of freelancers bidding on your project from all over the world. At this stage, you will have to take the most crucial steps. First, check out the qualifications of each bidder. Check how many works they have already done, how positive their feedback is and what their overall profile rating is. Select the best-qualified freelancers and contact them to let them know the details about your project and requirements. Compare each of the project bidders by going through their qualification, total working hours, full plans completed and include whether they have an online portfolio or not.

Communicate With The Freelancers: After selecting several freelancers for your project, you have to make proper communication with them by using a built-in Message system or Contact technology of You should not award your project without having any conversation with the freelancers involved in the process. After submitting your full requirements, check out how many of them have thoroughly understood the conditions you provided. Open your public clarification board and be active in the Private Message box. We recommend it because many freelancers may find it difficult to understand everything about your project after reading your project details, so you can clarify the facts when a freelancer asks you anything using public clarification board/private message. It is better you tell your freelancers what you expect from them to do for you. Don’t hesitate to be bold enough when it comes to the project requirements. As you are doing business using freelancers, you should make sure that the service you receive is worth your every penny.

Examination or Skills Test Matters: How do you know what skills your hired freelancers have? Have they already participated in any Skill related examination test before and what are the results of these exams? Check this out carefully while you are on the way to hire a new freelancer. Hiring freelancers are all about engaging skills. The more skilled people you can employ, the better ROI you will have, and the more significant your business will grow.

Emphasize on the Contest Winner: If you ever found any freelancer who has already won any competition or contest arranged by doing the same thing you are looking forward to getting done, then this guy could be your next business booster. Winning any game arranged by requires high professionalism and skills, and if you find one of them, you may hire him/her right away as he/she has already passed the most stringent examination ever.

Sample Work: Sample work might be one of the most important criteria to consider while you are wondering how to hire freelancers effectively! You can instantly understand the quality of a freelancer by checking out his/her previous works on the marketplace. Find out how professionally they completed their previous jobs, how costly these were and what was the feedback they received from those works from their buyers. After checking the sample work from their profile and online portfolio, decide whether this guy is exactly what you were looking for or not. If one does not satisfy your needs, switch to another one and repeat the same evaluation process to hire the best one from the crowds.

Bid Rates: Hire the best possible freelancers who bid the average/lowest amount and have higher rated portfolio or sample works in their profile. As effective hiring of freelancers is directly related to the business you are going to launch; it is highly recommended that you hire the lower bidder for your projects provided that they are NIL NIL NIL efficient enough to complete your project as smartly as you want them. However, always be careful when you are going to hire a freelancer who bid the lowest amount. Check their quality and sample works. Listen, a quality project provider never sells its services at the lowest rate. So, make sure that the quality of their work will be useful as well concerning their frequency.

Make Your Project Featured: In, you will notice that some of the projects are being featured on the Job Board. You can do so. You might have to pay a little amount to Freelancer.Com for doing so. If you do your project featured on, you will get the best freelancers of the marketplace to bid on your project. This dramatically enhances the probability of getting highly experienced freelancers and experts who can deliver you the impressive quality work which is the most cherished thing for every buyer or recruiter like you.

Provide As Much Information As  You Can: While submitting a project on, you should attach all the information in detail along with related photos, image clips, PSD files or any other files that can represent your project reasonably well. Like I said before, be bold while mentioning your requirements. Describe each of the Work List your freelancers are expected to complete. Request them to ask you questions if they face problem to understand.

Offer a Smart Budget: It is because of quality matters! You cannot expect high-quality freelancers by spending less amount of money. It harms your overall reputations too as a buyer. So, offer the best possible budget to get high-quality output. Freelancers get excited and feel passionate while they see any more top budget projects on the board and they try to provide their best products to the employer who pays handsomely.

Well, these factors mentioned above should be considered by ones who want to hire freelancers from effectively. However, you still can enhance the effectiveness of utilizing a freelancer even after when you have already hired a freelancer to accomplish your project. Here is how:-

Give A Half-Payment If Possible: In various marketplaces, there is an opportunity to pay the half amount of the entire budget while your freelancer has just completed a specific portion of your task. If you have the chance, then give the half payment. It will inspire freelancers and give them an instant inspiration to work more efficiently and faster than before. When a freelancer receives half of your salary, they take the full responsibility to complete this task brilliantly within your given time.

Through Positive Feedback: Your positive and real feedback not only helps the freelancers to survive in these marketplaces but also improve the other buyers like you. What if you find a freelancer who has no feedback from their previous buyers but placed a bid on your project to work for you? In this case, how do you assess him/her? So, giving real feedback will eventually help people like you to hire the best freelancers from the web. Listen, positive feedback inspires the freelancers to provide their best output which is precisely what your buyers want from them.

Fix One Freelancer For Rest of Your Similar Projects: Once you find a freelancer who is efficient enough and trustworthy, then you may like to hire him/her for the rest of your projects as well. Contact with him/her to accomplish your other work efficiently. Making a good relationship with a good freelancer will help you a lot to run your business smoothly. It is because a skilled freelancer is in your hand and you can get your stuff done whenever you are in an emergency. Most importantly, working with the same freelancer for a long time increases understanding, mutual relationships and so on.

I hope, this article answers your question about how to hire a freelancer from a marketplace like Freelancer.Com. Start your business now with and make your dreams come true!

Alim Tasnim

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