How To Outsource Effectively

Outsourcing can give your business an instant boost regarding growth and profit that you never imagined before. Outsourcing your work to freelancers will reduce your work stress, build your company’s expertise & reputation as well. It also ensures that your work gets done within any given time and provides a fast completion rate of projects and the precise output you exactly need from the person you hire. No matter what businesses you are running, no matter what type of works you do, no matter what kind of customers you are dealing with, if you know how to efficiently outsource, then doing a successful business and being a successful entrepreneur is not that tough. Like most people usually think!

How To Outsource Effectively

A small business or comparatively large business modules need a well-designed business outline to follow. The management and execution board decides how to manipulate things according to the demands of the customers. In this case, while completion of a task matters, and you are never to compromise with the quality of your services, the name of outsourcing comes to our mind in the first place. As an entrepreneur, you must have to be well-aware of what types of tasks you should outsource, what kinds of freelance developers, designers, marketers, or copywriters you should be seeking for and how to manage this whole outsourcing thing. If you do not possess a thorough knowledge of outsourcing, you will inevitably fall behind the rest of the market. These might harm your business or brand’s reputation as well, and even it might lead to a monetary crisis. Effective outsourcing depends on many factors like what marketplace you are using (In my and is the best so far), what factors you are considering to hire a freelancer and how specific and bold your requirements are.

So, effective outsourcing is a matter of practice, experiments, expertise, and all about learning from your previous mistakes. However, before making a journey to the outsourcing world, you must have to know how to outsource efficiently and what stuffs you will be outsourcing and how to manage the whole process.

Here is a list of factors that you should consider while hiring a freelancer to make your outsourcing process as much product as you want:-

Use Freelancer.Com for Best Outsourcing Experience: To me, is one of the most flexible and easy to handle outsourcing platforms ever. Here in Freelancer.Com, you will not only get introduced with highly skilled freelancers from all around the globe but also get cost-effective, high-quality services using the interface of the marketplace, which will give you the best possible criteria to hire highly professional freelancers. I highly recommend you to try this marketplace to get maximum satisfaction. Choosing the right freelance marketplace like Freelancer.Com will save your time, money, and overall business resources and keep you away from any unwanted expenditure.

Figure out What to Outsource: As you are running a business, I guess there are lots of services and products you have. Outsourcing all this is not the best possible solution at all. You have to figure out the tasks that can be well-accomplished by your existing employees or experts. Outsource the functions that could be time-consuming and costly to get it done by using your existing employees. Outsource the jobs that need high skills that your current employees do not possess.

How Much an Account Costs: Money is the most important thing about business. Whatever you do or whatever you plan, financial circumstances should also consider first. You should only outsource that cost less money and yield the maximum result. So, get stuff done at a lower price using freelance marketplaces and thus make sure your business keeps growing.

Know About the Standards: To whom you are going to outsource your services? Is that person efficient enough to provide the quality work you are expecting? Managing a quality output is one of the best ways to increase the ROI of your business while you outsource your stuff. Check out freelancers’ online portfolio and profile to know how many standardized tasks they have already completed successfully and earned excellent feedback from buyers.

Search Expert on Itself: All the jobs posted in as are category-based. So post your project to the particular group so that the real experts can find your position quickly. Write about your project in detail and select the right category, as well.

Trust is the Key: As you are aiming to have better service from a freelancer, you must trust him/her. Also, consider how trustworthy s/he is. You cannot offer your personalized services or jobs to someone who is unknown to you and lacks credibility. To build an honest relationship by giving bonuses or incentives, payment at the right time, etc.

Time Matters: If you are an outsourcing business geek, then your ultimate aim is to get your stuff done as quick as possible. If your freelancers cannot give you the output you want in time, then you are ruining your business and money eventually. Remember, time is money. Don’t waste your time to pursue a freelancer who does not deliver your timely. So effective outsourcing requires time management skills, and you have to discourage your freelancers if they lack it.

Find out Freelancers with High Rated Feedback: Most of the freelancing platform and marketplaces, including Freelancer.Com, are providing various indicators like Star or Likes or Rating system, feedback system to know about the expertise of a freelancer. When a freelancer bids on your project, go directly to their profile and check out their previous works. If they get high ratings from other buyers and have accomplished similar jobs that you have posted, then consider hiring them. Without checking out their profile carefully, you should not hire someone as this leads to a risky recruitment process and might be a cause for lower return of investment.

Consider the Language Barriers & Requirement Misunderstanding: You must have to make a good relationship with the freelancers you are outsourcing to. So, language barriers might be odd problems. Avoid those freelancers who do not know how to speak or write English fluently. The communication gap is a huge problem, and you should not jump into this problem as your business success depends upon you. The people who do not understand the requirements you post, there’s no need to hire them. Expert freelancers will understand your requirements when they saw it for the first time. So, don’t spend your valuable time replying to their mail several times. Hire freelancers who understand your requirements reasonably well. It saves time and money.

Ask Lot of Questions: Ask lots of questions to a freelancer before awarding him/her your project. Ask as many questions as it requires to understand how much professional experience he/she has. An expert will reply as soon as possible without having any problem, and this is the way to hire the best freelancers from the marketplace. So, here it is advised to make a conversation with the freelancer you are going to hire to make your outsourcing plans useful. Ask about their skills, working hours, and working environment. Ask them what tools they are using to complete various freelancing tasks.

Contact With Your Freelancer Directly: After outsourcing your tasks, keep contacting him/her always. Ask for updates at the end of the day about what s/he has done so far and what obstacles they have faced and asked if they have any more questions regarding your projects. You can use Skype or any other Free Video calling apps to make your conversation comfortable and more accessible than ever. Creating an excellent communication with the freelancers will boost up your overall outsourcing effectiveness, and thus the business will grow faster.

Maintain a Time-frame: Always stick to a specific time frame to get your tasks done. Knock to that freelancer after each time-frame is over. If you do this, accountability will create, and the freelancer will feel the responsibility to get your jobs done within your given time. Reward him/her with positive and pleasant feedback if s/he can complete your task within time. It will inspire them, and they will be more responsible the next time you hire them.

I hope these factors mentioned above are bright enough and have answered all of your questions about how to outsource effectively. It is your time now! Hire the best freelancers from and let your business have an instant boost up.

Alim Tasnim

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