How to Make Money as a Freelancer

“How to make money online” is one of the most searched items on the Internet nowadays. People who use the internet are not only busy with Facebook or any other social media, video downloading sites but also interested in making some money from the internet to make their spent time valuable and worthwhile. If you are also looking for such an opportunity to be self-employed and eager to offer your services to buyers without engaging yourself in a long-term commitment, I bet you will love to work as a freelancer.

A freelancer or freelance worker is somebody who is self-employed and offer their services to employer/buyer without a long-term commitment

Working as a freelancer is a great way to be autonomous and make money from home by providing your services or skills to the prospective clients who need it. Moreover, if people want to get things done from the people like you to build their business, they will pay you for what you did for them, and thus you will be making money as a freelancer. For a freelancer, there are hundreds of thousands of jobs available in which can provide you with the substantial monetary gain you never imagined before and even you can quit from your daily full-time tedious job by delivering your freelance services. As earning possibilities have no limitations here, you can reach your long-cherished golden mark of possible gaining within a very few days.

One question might come to your mind by this time: how to make money as a freelancer? Moreover, what steps I will have to take to start this freelance money making the journey?

Well, here I will describe everything about the steps of making money as a Freelancer and what freelance jobs are waiting for you to take you to the next level of success and financial gain.

Steps of Making Money by

Sign Up – The Very First Step: To make money as a freelancer, you must have to open an account on freelance marketplaces like Freelancer.Com. I am here recommending you the Freelancer.Com as this is one of the largest and trusted Freelancing Sites ever and you will get hundreds of thousands of available freelance jobs there to make your first Job Bid online. Fixed price and hourly, both kinds of situations are available on, so Sign up now and start making money as a freelancer.

Decorate Your Profile: After creating an account in Freelancer.Com, add your profile photo (which has some professional look), testimonials, portfolio and the details about your skills. The more information you will be able to provide in your profile about your skills and experience, the better chance you will have to get hired. Don’t emphasize too many skills at the beginning. Show the best skills you have and entice buyers to hire you. If you add too many skills on your profile, this means you are an average contractor who has no compelling skills or experiences in any specific sector. So, beware of this and show yourself as an expert no matter what industry you are targeting.

Start Bidding: This is one of the most critical steps that you are going to take. So be careful. I see lots of people are spending the time to learn thousands of ways to earn money online, but they have never taken a single action to make these all happen! So, after opening your account, complete the profile decoration with your skills and then just jump forward into the bidding world. Search for the jobs that match your skills and click on the tasks to know the details about job requirements. At the initial stage, bid the lower budget projects. After completing some projects successfully, start to bid on high budget projects. This is because top budget projects published on require much skilled and expert freelancer to offer on. As you are a newcomer and don’t have sufficient feedback, you might not get such massive projects. So, build your reputation first and add as many completed projects as you can in your profile’s portfolio.

I hope, you have successfully passed the steps I have written above. If so, then you are on the right track. Success is not that far from you now! Have patience, start bidding, complete the projects brilliantly and let the money flow to your bank account.

Now, here I will give you some necessary information on various freelancing jobs available on or any other similar marketplaces from where you can earn a tremendous amount of money as per your skills and expertise.

Freelance Article Writing Job: People who love to write and spend lots of time on the internet writing various stuff, it is time they made some handy amount of money by freelance writing. There are lots of article writing projects being posted on every day, and this is an excellent opportunity for the article writers who think they are capable of writing quality articles on various topics. They can quickly turn their hobby into money-making the machine. In the section writing category, you will find lots of Article related jobs like Technical Writing, SEO-optimized Article Writing, Article Rewriting, PR based Article writing, E-Book Writing, Academic Writing, Copywriting and so on.

Freelance Programming: If you know about various web-based programming languages and have expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, then you could be one of the highest earners as freelance developers of these freelance marketplaces. There are lots of web development related projects posted daily where you can bid if you have the skills mentioned above.

Freelance Web Design & Graphics: If you have skills in Graphic Designing and know about how to transform your designed layout into a live website, then this kind of design-related projects might also make yourself a millionaire in no time!

Application Developer: You can freelance your Apps development skills these days. Apps development-related projects are usually very high budget projects, and you require to have real professional skills to manage such types of freelancing jobs. You can get apps development jobs like iPhone Apps Developer, Android Apps Developer, Web Based Application Developer, Social Media Applications and lots of similar stuff.

Internet Marketing Jobs: Freelance your internet marketing skills now. If you have a professional internet marketing team, then this kind of job are suitable for you. Various SEO, SEM, SMM jobs are categorized in this segment. As Internet marketing is given priority these days, it is quite easy to manage a situation like this now, provided that you be NIL already experienced on this kind of task.

Data Entry Jobs: Data Entry jobs are one of the most comfortable freelancing jobs ever. Even a do-it-yourself mom can do this type of work from home if she knows how to type data and can perform some pure research on the Internet. Various Word related jobs are found on too.

Like those, there are more than a hundred types of jobs available. You may choose any of the positions from the list.

Ready to make money as a freelancer?

I have some tips for you! I am sure these tips will help you to be the best in the freelancer marketplace.

Bid for only what you can:

While bidding for a job on, make sure you understand what the client wants, and you can do the things just like the client wants to get it done! Don’t bid for the jobs that do not match your skill.

Use the Project Clarification Board: has a feature called “Project Clarification Board,” where you can ask the buyer about the project before bidding. If you have any questions regarding the project, use this feature intelligently.

Write the cover letter efficiently:

Everyone is busy these days. The buyer may have hundreds of bids for a single job posting, so there is a little chance that every word in your cover letter will be read. It is better to keep the cover letter short but useful. It saves both of your time.

Be straightforward while you write:

Try to mention in the cover letter what you will provide, how much it costs and how long it will take to deliver.

Attach your samples:

Attaching your work samples with a cover letter is an excellent idea while bidding. Always submit your best work samples. Don’t stick to quantity, instead, use your quality samples.

Ensure Quality Work:

When you are working with a client, always make sure that you are offering the best quality service of yours. Client satisfaction should be your very first goal to build a successful freelancing career.

Be fair in tracking time:

For hourly jobs: when you are tracking time, always make sure that you are doing it honestly. Only track time when you are working for the client and make sure he/she pays you for the hours you worked for him/her.

Keep the client posted:

When you are working on a project, always try to maintain continuous communication with the client. Reply to their emails as soon as possible and post messages with regular updates about your work.

Deliver on time:

Always try to deliver your work within the delivery date. You should not be late on delivery. Client satisfaction mostly depends on it.

Making money as a freelancer is not a very hard task now if you know how to do it. Hope, the steps, requirements info and the exclusive tips given above will assist you to be a successful freelancer like exactly what you dreamed of.

Alim Tasnim

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