Freelancing Training in Bangladesh

Freelancing is the most trending topic of recent times. It has greatly changed the conventional concept of work. The traditional ideas of job, workplace, hiring, office, co-workers, work hours, etc. are gradually getting changed. Now everything tends to be more and more flexible and online. Not only that, it has also created huge employment opportunities all around the world. Bangladesh is rising as an emerging market in the field of outsourcing. According to the website Tech in Asia, Bangladesh is ranked as the 7th most popular destination for outsourcing out of 186 countries.

Freelancing defined
In short, freelancing is working for a company for a particular span of time and thus make money online. Individuals doing so are known as a freelancer. This is a good option for part time jobs, but many people are making a full-fledged living out of it. Lots of individuals choose to freelance because it gives them the liberty of selecting their own work schedule, workspace, and remuneration according to their convenience.

Freelancing Training in Bangladesh

Advance IT Institute – Freelancing Training in Bangladesh

There are many freelancing sites or online marketplaces, for example Elance, Upwork (formerly oDesk), Fiverr, People per Hour, etc. from where many employers are carrying out outsourcing. In such marketplaces prospective employees showcase their skills and offer to work for the company. If both buyer and contractor (freelancer) agree on the work, duration and pay, then a contractual agreement takes place. After that the freelancer can start working.

Background of freelancing
The concept of online freelancing started to take shape from the beginning of this century. However, it has boomed in the past few years. With the advancement in the technology field, this concept is growing by leaps and bounds. This is not a mere notion anymore. Rather, it has become an inseparable part of the modern corporate field. Change in work culture is augmented in the spread of freelancing. Now-a-days it is becoming increasingly common to work from home and as per one’s own convenience. Therefore, people are going for it. In addition the overall IT scene, especially the internet speed and reach, has increased a lot recently. This aspect is a great beneficial factor for the betterment of this sector. Due to the reach of internet in the rural and remote areas of Bangladesh, online income has become a reality for many individuals.

Present situation
Freelancing represents itself as a promising field today. More and more individuals get involved in this arena every day. Mostly organizations from developed countries post various online jobs and freelancers from anywhere in the world can get hired. Since this is quite useful for both the contractor and the company, it is getting prevalent very fast. A lot of people are engaged with outsourcing in Bangladesh and the amount of their online earning is quite commendable.

Bangladesh’s status in freelancing field
In Bangladesh many people look for ways of how to earn money online. According to The Daily Star, it is estimated that there are about 550,000 registered freelancers in our country. They regularly do works like data entry, graphic design, content writing, search engine optimization, and so on. The projected revenue from this field is to reach $100 million by the year 2020. So the idea of freelancing in Bangladesh is getting widespread with time.

belancer bangladeshBangladeshi freelancers are working in different online marketplaces on a regular basis. At the same time a local freelancing startup named ‘Belancer’ has come to the rescue of those native small and medium sized enterprises that can make use of freelancing services.

Since freelancing does not require a high level of education, moderately educated people and/or students can work in this field. There is considerable unemployment problem in Bangladesh. Freelancing can be the answer to that. Many people fail to find a suitable job after graduation. Freelancing can be a great option for them to start working right away. Again, there are students who want to make some money by working online. Yet, sometimes it becomes difficult for housewives work outside for various reasons. Furthermore, there are job holders who want to earn some more money in addition to their salary. Finally, there may be individuals who are good at writing, photography, or any other aspect that they can capitalize but is not using their talent. So, for people from all these categories, freelancing is a brilliant solution.


Freelancers from Bangladesh are earning huge remittance every year. The unemployment rate is also decreasing to some extent. All these are making an overall positive impact on the economy of the country.

There are many outsourcing training centers in Bangladesh. Most of such institutes are run by competent mentors who guide the students to become skilled freelancers. They also train the learners not just how to become efficient freelancers, but also how to succeed and sustain in the field of freelancing.


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