Advantages of outsourcing jobs for Women in Bangladesh

The outsourcing job is the new buzz word of the job market. Because of flexible working hour, no constant supervision, time zone difference; Advantages of outsourcing jobs for Women in Bangladesh, is even higher. Bangladesh has a total population of 166 million, of which, 21% are woman aging from 20-44.With 70% educated rate (though the figure is very controversial and so is the quality of education), it can be clearly seen a huge job market exist here for the woman. Empowerment of women is a rising issue and the government constantly gears it up with the quota system everywhere. But getting a job is not as difficult as it is, to stay in it for- women. The social barriers, family issues, hostile work environment, child rearing issues can get in the way to woman empowerment in Bangladesh. However, the benefits of outsourcing jobs for women in Bangladesh outweighs this problem. So a larger Outsourcing job market exists for women in Bangladesh. Today I am going to discuss the problem of Bangladeshi women at workplace and how it is resolved by the recompense outsourcing jobs for women in Bangladesh as well as around the globe.

Advantages of outsourcing jobs for Women in Bangladesh that outweighs the barriers in a full-time job.

Advantages of outsourcing jobs for Women in Bangladesh

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No more gender pay gap
Yes, there exist a very well known and detail researched term to define the difference between the income of a same positioned man and woman. We more or less know about the half earning scenario of contraction women workers and garment worker in Bangladesh. Even in the corporate job some local companies with no clear HR guideline show major discrepancies between the remuneration of a man and woman. Did you know even in USA Women needs to work more than 70 additional days each year to earn as much as a man in the same position! Not only that, this gap is positively related to age. On an average, a full-time working woman, who has spent 40 years in service will need to work 12 years more, to earn as much as the man.

Asian women earn least in compared to Men

benefits of woman outsourcing jobs Bangladesh

The advantage of doing Outsourcing jobs for women in Bangladesh as well as in the globe is, here no such disparity exists. In an Outsourcing job, one gets work based on his/her profile and portfolio. Pay will not vary with differences in gender

End of hostile works environments
In 2008, a study from the Harvard Business review revealed-Over time 50% women who are working in the field of science, engineering and technology will leave, because of hostile work environment. Other than teaching in most industry women in the workplace are always stereotyped- as less capable or less efficient or not as good as a man. This mentality delays efficient woman’s promotion, increment, power, and every incentive that can drive to woman empowerment. This mentality delays efficient woman’s promotion, increment, power, and every incentive that can drive to woman empowerment. This mentality delays efficient woman’s promotion, increment, power and every incentive that can drive to woman empowerment.

In a third world country like Bangladesh, this trend is very dominant. Those who still works have been accepted the fact. However, there are a big number of women who leave jobs due to dissatisfaction and humiliation. If we see the men to women ratio at the workplace, we will see, in tech companies like-Google, Facebook, Apple; men has outnumbered women as in 4to 1.

The benefits of the engaging woman in freelancing jobs as well as in any country are, with rich working experience, better reviews a Woman freelancer will surely get better pay and better recommendations. She will never be in dire need of recognition because her efficiency will be duly recognized in each assignment she completes.

Flexibility in working hour after becoming a mother
Leaving a job is not easy; especially when someone leaves a better paid good job due to family need, that person undergoes a big dilemma. Both financially and physiologically she becomes crippled for some time. Still, every year 43 women out of 100 leave a high paid job.

Percentage of working woman in a full-time job, with a child under 3 year

advantages of woman outsourcing in bangladesh

The scenario is improving with Working Mother family-friendly companies. Even in Bangladesh mandatory maternity leave has been increased to 6 months. Many offices like Grameen phone, Brac are providing day care facilities. Still the number of such companies is very few. This two dimensions (for the USA) shows how mothers with relatively younger children are more inclined to work part time.

In Bangladesh provision for the suitable part-time job is scarce. However, an advantage in support of Outsourcing jobs for women is  it offers very flexible working hour. So a mother will easily accommodate to this job.

No more difficult to re-enter the workforce
In Bangladesh, a gap in a career is viewed very skeptically. Employers already have a mindset about women to be less efficient, in this context when a mother wants to re-enter the job market she faces many challenges.

  • Firstly she has to settle for a lower position and payment than she used to receive. Because she has lost accumulated experience and expertise that she used to have by leaving a job.
  • When she compares her stamina of the 20s with her post mother late 30s she finds herself in a no-win situation.

This situation that a woman faces in Bangladesh can be changed. Some benefits of outsourcing work for woman are-

  • She feels like she is at home and she need not to leave her children behind.
  • She is able to handle projects that are the close end and do not require an office or anyone’s critical perception.
  • Another advantage is the type of projects are very suitable. High achieving mom can do strategic analysis, make financial models, write a legal paper or PR papers. Make money from blogging or work as a virtual assistant. The catch is you don’t mind being overqualified for the job because it does not ask more of your family time.

Many qualified young women don’t get the permission or encouragement to do a full-time desk job because of the safety issue, hostile work environment and old mindset of family members. Some women willingly choose to stay at home, because going out and giving 7-8 hours a day for a job is simply not practical for them. These women also want financial independence and dream to excel professionally. Up-work, Freelancer, Fiverr and many more online outsourcing job site give these women a platform to make their dream come true. No initial investment, flexible work hour, global working experience, no bossing and suitable close end jobs all these features adds more feathers to the Advantages of outsourcing jobs for Women in Bangladesh.

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