An Outsourcing Case Study

This Outsourcing Case study is all about analyzing the procedure of hiring a freelancer from an outsourcing marketplace, what I did to eventually overcome all of the problems I faced while hiring someone, and the service I received in return.

Here in this outsourcing case study, I will show you how I outsourced one of my projects on, how I selected the best-skilled bidder, how I dealt with them, problems I solved, how I efficiently communicated with them, how I managed the best output, from the freelancers and what things I considered to hire the best freelancers. Along with mentioning the problems I faced, I will provide you with the solutions that you may manipulate while you outsource anything to

An Outsourcing Case Study

Figuring Out Exact Jobs To Outsource: In this outsourcing case study, I am going to demonstrate some ways to figure out the specific jobs to outsource. If you are running a business, you may have quite a several types of work in hand to be done by your employees. However, it is somewhat impossible to recruit somebody who can handle all kinds of tasks all by himself. Moreover, sometimes you might get orders from your customers who need some extra efforts, and you might want to get these done anyway. So, what will you do then? In such cases, you need someone who can do this stuff and are willing to go some extra mile for you. You need someone who can do this work at an affordable rate as per your expectations. Once I got a weird web development order from one of my clients, but I was unwilling to deny him the service. So I planned to outsource it to as it is the most reliable outsourcing platform where you have to pay only when you get your stuff done, and you are satisfied with the work.

Posting a Project on the Job Board: I have already mentioned in an earlier article which jobs to be outsourced. In this case, I outsource a web development project. You might think that Freelance Developers are a little bit expensive, but in Freelancer.Com, you have lots of tools and features to choose the cheapest but the most skilled freelancer from a long list of potential bidders. First, I planned on my requirements and the quality I expected. I noted down in a notebook about everything I required to get done, and then I attached the Job Details while I posted my project on I mentioned the time when I needed it, and I gave reference to some similar tasks I found on the internet. I included all the design and navigation requirements, and I also said that I would never compromise with the quality. After everything was accumulated, I posted my project and asked skilled freelancers to bid on my project. I also added the required skills in the Job Description to make the prospective experienced freelancers attracted to my project. In Job-board, the necessary skills are usually highlighted, and this remarkable feature helps a freelancer to decide quickly whether s/he can look into this project for further action or not. Eventually, the essential step you have to take, and this is all about estimating a rate for your project. I usually prefer the fixed price as I will only have to pay when the jobs are accomplished as per my expectations and requirements. Moreover, freelancers, these days find those Fixed Rated jobs comfortable as they can concentrate on the tasks to be completed efficiently without worrying about the number of hours.

Accepting Bids: After I published my Job Post on, I was getting lots of bids from freelancers around the world right away. At this stage, I checked every bidder’s profile who has already done similar stuff and already recognized as an expert in this field. I double-checked the rating they have gotten from other buyers like me. Eventually, I selected some freelancers to contact. I made a list of questions chosen, including my bold requirements. I sent these questions to all the potential freelancers and waited for their response. After getting some essential answers from some of them, I arranged an interview with each freelancer individually and wanted to know how they would accomplish my outsourced project and how dedicated they were. I then checked out the portfolio profiles of them and planned to hire one of the best freelancers from the bidders’ list. I was unwilling to compromise with the quality of work. That is why I always tried to be bold on this issue. As you are building your business by using freelancers and spending your hard-earned money, I suggest you be strict on the Job requirement stuff and the overall quality of the freelancers.

Sent the Work Instruction & Requirements: When the hiring process was done, I sent my detailed work by giving him some instructions about the project. I asked him to let me know whenever he faces any problem. I requested him to mail me whenever he needs anything to see from me about the project. Sometimes I gave them some of the links to related projects and asked them to follow these links for a better understanding. I was bold enough to mention my requirements and strict enough to ensure the quality of the output for what I was spending my money. Most of the time, I added useful resource files and work samples in the Job Description to let my hired freelancers have better working flexibility and understanding.

Communication Gateways: As I prefer Skype to make a distance call or video call for establishing an uninterrupted conversation for free, I invited him to add me on Skype. I called him and clarified everything about what he needed to do, on what tasks he should emphasize more, and how much time he should take to complete this job. I also wanted to see how many works he had already done and also requested to make some necessary modifications and changes. In Freelancer.Com, there is a feature to make contact with the hired freelancers, and I prefer this built-in method too.

Getting Completed Tasks on Hand: When that freelancer accomplished my given project, he sent me that work sample. I checked that sample, whether it was nicely done or not. I found some more things that were needed some adjustments, so I asked that freelancer to modify those and tweak them so that it became an impressive work. If you outsource through platform, you will only have to pay when you are satisfied with the accomplished task, and this is the main reason why I prefer as my outsourcing partner.

Sending Payment: At the very last stage, I posted the payment to the freelancer I hired. As I was contacting him using the website, I preferred to pay via built-in payment system as it was secured and reliable. Moreover, most importantly, I tried to pay him through this website to increase my buyer profile reputation and overall rating. I love to see the smiling faces of my freelancers, as this increases their enthusiasm.

Sending Feedbacks: After submitting payment, I never forget to publish feedback about my experiences with this guy and how this guy has made my whole task more manageable and assisted me with my business. Positive and inspiring feedback will make more passionate to work better in the future, and this feedback system will make other business personnel’s to get an overall idea of that particular freelancer. Sometimes I also give negative feedback to the freelancers whom I am not satisfied with. At Freelancer.Com, you are sure to find some efficient freelancers, so I do not worry about anything when I hire freelancers from this marketplace.

Analyze the ROI: ROI means the Return on Investment. The better ROI you have after completing a project, the better opportunities you have to expand your business and outsource more and more. Don’t forget to check out how much money you spent, how much time you spent, and what was your expectations regarding the output you got from the freelancers. You have to take note of every step you have made, the sum of money you have spent, and some hours you have given away to hire a freelancer. I personally always analyze my ROI, and this process makes me a better businessman regarding recruiting a freelancer to get my works done.

So that’s it, an outsourcing case study of mine and here I explained the whole procedures of how I planned my outsourcing strategy, how I published them on job board, how I hired the best freelancer, how I built a positive and productive communication with my freelancer and exactly how I managed the best output I expected. As a new outsourcer, you people might find it useful to follow the steps mentioned in the outsourcing case study. This case study is a role model, and you can support this in your business life no matter what business you are doing.


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